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Quick and Easy Shrimp Coconut Curry

This recipe combines some of my favourite flavours, and is made from stuff most of us have in stock…so it is great as a quick dinner after work, etc. You can dress it up with a rice bed (I would use basmati rice) which would stretch it to feed more people, but we like it just as a thick soup. You can serve Naan bread on the side. It is certainly not authentic but came about when looking for something yummy and fast 🙂

1 tbsp. Oil
1 small onion, chopped
3-4 garlic cloves, minced
1 red pepper, chopped
Handful raw almonds
1-2 tbsp. medium curry powder
Turmeric, dried ancho chili powder, Old Bay seasoning (all opt.)
Good pinch salt
1 pound / 500g raw shrimp, shelled
I-14-oz/400mL can coconut milk (NOT coconut cream, which is sweetened)
1/3 cup unsweetened dessicated coconut

1 cup frozen peas

Chopped cilantro leaves to garnish, if desired

Heat oil in large frying pan or wok and saute veggies over medium heat until soft, a couple of minutes. Add curry powder and cook for a minute or so. Add shrimp, cook for a minute or two until they start to cook, and then add the almonds, coconut milk and coconut.  While shrimp are cooking, taste sauce to see if it is spicy enough for you. If not, add a small sprinkle of any or all of the “optional” seasonings, until it is just right. Add peas, as shrimp are almost done – not to cook, just to defrost and heat them.  Shrimp are cooked when they curl and are pink – don’t overcook them.

Serve as is, or on rice. Garnish with cilantro if you wish.
Serves 2-3, or 4 if you serve with rice.


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